About Us

World Property Exchange Group, Inc. (aka ‘WPE’) is a globally emerging real estate investment platform and technology company (a ‘Fintech’ company) made up of a growing team of dedicated engineers, strategists and problem-solvers who continually create, design, develop and deploy technology solutions that solve global real estate investment market structure issues that include -- fragmentation, lack of standardization, friction, high transaction costs, lack of price discovery, transparency and illiquidity -- on behalf of real estate investors worldwide.

Our Goal

WPE's primary goal is to simply “Democratize Institutional Real Estate Investing Worldwide” by creating a highly-liquid online real estate investment platform that will enable small and medium-sized investors worldwide to enjoy and create wealth by owning micro-ownership positions in high-quality, highly curated (institutional caliber) real estate assets worldwide for as little as $1,000 USD per investor. World Property Exchange wants to make quality real estate investment ownership as easy as point-and-click, on a global scale.

WPE will be able to achieve this goal by leveraging new enabling Blockchain, Digital Securitization and Matching Engine technologies, and couple them with new innovative business models, to create the world’s first truly automated, liquid and secure online real estate investment and trading platform.